Colllege Students Struggling with Rising Costs Essay

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Colllege Students Struggling with Rising Costs

Kristen Carlow, a 20-year-old former Northeastern University student left Boston last spring after her freshmen year, because of overwhelming tuition prices.

“My parents make a decent amount of money and I’m an average white female student. I’m nothing special, where the government or Northeastern was going to give me enough money to pay for school,” Carlow said.

This is the current situation that many college students face across the United States.

“I had a choice to both be in debt and struggle to pay $120,000, or to transfer to a school I could afford,” Carlow said. She chose to leave Northeastern to go to the University of Tampa, where it is 50% cheaper.

The Census Bureau
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According to U.S.A. Today, public college tuition increased by 107% since 1980, and 14% this past school year. At the nation’s private universities, prices went up 6% this year. The tuition increases were accompanied by a 6% rise in room and board charges for public schools and 4.7% increase at private colleges.

An article published in March 2004 for the Massachusetts Telegram & Gazette, it was said that tuition and fees at Massachusetts state colleges have exceeded inflation by 15% in the last decade. And in the past two years, annual increases in tuition and fees that have been up to 24%.

“Paying for college is rising as a concern on Americans priority list at the same time that federal financial aid programs are crying out for more attention from the government,” said Patrick Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education reported in the Boston Globe.

In the 2004 presidential election campaign, Democrat candidates such as Edwards, Lieberman, and Dean, all focused on the main topic of higher education and the financial issues that go along with it. Several of the candidates were upset with President Bush’s actions for not giving enough in federal financial aid, as they proposed tax credits to help students with their outrageous tuition bills.

In 2002, the Washington Post reported on tuition rates continually rising.

“The College

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