Colleges Should Educate Student Athletes Essay

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All college students sitting in classrooms today face challenges that can impede their success. A challenging course schedule, competing demand for the student’s time, and college readiness are all factors that can hinder a student’s performance in the classroom. Moreover, these challenges also have the ability to impact the student’s overall student development. While most students share a common set of stressors, there are certain groups on campus that face pressures and challenges that are not shared by the majority of their peers. Student athletes are such a group. Joshua Watson (2005) noted the positive benefits of participating in intercollegiate activities, but also noted that such participation can lead to issues of …show more content…
Further, these services can increase retention and graduation rates among this population.

Athletic Student Development Center: Program Description
The mission of the Athletic Student Development Center (ASDC) at Community College will be to provide academic and student services in a learning environment in which all student athletes have the opportunity to achieve their academic and personal goals. The ASDC will also be committed to assisting student athletes reach degree completion.
Tutoring Services
The ASDC will provide tutoring services to athletes offered in a scheduling format that is aligned with the sport’s season. Tutors utilized will be a combination of student tutors and faculty from the math and writing labs. Tutors will use a variety of techniques to help the student attain his or her educational goals. This may include individual or group study. Ideally, tutoring services will provide the student the opportunity to master the information needed to perform well in the class. This supplemental instruction may also encourage the student athlete to be more diligent toward academic study. The tutoring space will be an environment that is conducive to learning and student athletes will be informed of policies and expectations such as being on time, being prepared to work, and being respectful.
Academic and Personal Counseling Academic advisors for student athletes will be centrally located within the

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