College Essay: My Mother's Influence on Me

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The greatest woman I’ve ever known always told me that education was important…and she was right. I came from a small town in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri prior to becoming a teenager. At the time, education was abundant in St. Ann, where I lived. I attended a decent elementary school and made good grades, despite mathematics not being my cup of tea. I have my mother to thank for that.

This said woman was my mother. She was a flight attendant at the time for US Airways and despite being busy 24/7, she tried her best to make time for both me and my education. From what I was told, my mother was valedictorian of her high school class and was had many extra- curricular activities to credit for. Despite being a great student and having
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Even then, my mother pushed me to do my homework and pay attention in school, and not let her illness get to her. Nevertheless, the status quo within my household was starting to become less linear.

Despite everything that was going on in my life at the time, I continued to focus on my school work. I got good grades, was both a drama and choir student, and was very active at my local church. I rarely missed a day of school and because of that, I got a perfect attendance award at the end of year, sometimes. I was fairly popular among the student body while in elementary school and was somewhat a leader/role-model for the underclassmen.

My seemingly perfect life however, came to a sad halt when I started 5th grade. My mother died from her illness a month after school started, so my world was seriously thrown into a tizzy. Surprisingly, I continued to do my best in school and that I did. A year or so before my mother’s passing however, she told me to promise her something while she was still in the hospital getting treatment. She pretty much told me that despite not living to see the next day, I should continue to focus on the important things which was getting good grades and hopefully attending college.

Losing a parent is hard, but I had to wipe my tears and toughen up because I knew I had to keep my promise to my mother. Combined with help from God and meditation, I slowly started to

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