College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay example

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“Definition of indentured servant, you work for accommodations and food.” (Arian Foster, Get schooled Netflix documentary). This definition could also describe a college athlete. College athletes have been making the NCAA millions of dollars for decades. All the athletes want is money to help them get by in school, but because we are not paying them they leave for the pros as soon as they can. So now these kids are not getting the education they should, but instead are just trying to make money. College athletes deserve to be paid, if the NCAA is making money from their play. The NCAA is a trap for athletes to make colleges money, colleges don’t care enough for the individual athletes, and these athletes do so much for …show more content…
Colleges and the NCAA trap athletes so they can make more money for themselves. Think about, what or who makes all the money? The athletes are money making machines for the colleges and the NCAA. However, “since 2006 only 3 US born athletes have been drafted into the pros without playing college” (Get Schooled Documentary (Q)). Few athletes are drafted straight into the pros after high school. The path to the pros is through College and the NCAA. If athletes want to get into the pros then they have to make money for the NCAA, first. This is so important because the NCAA is like a ticket to the pros but it comes at a high price for the athlete.. Making all this money one might say is good, but not the colleges are distributing it to the wrong places. “Hugh’s office at Kansas is part of a one million dollar academic building built in 2002. His building is right next to a 2.5 million dollar athletic building built in 2007.” (Mark Yost (S)). Investments like this show what the real priorities of the colleges are.. Colleges are caring more about the athletic than academic. Colleges are funding the things that will make them more money. This is important because if they are spending money on all the athletic then they aren’t doing their jobs of being schools and setting their priorities wrong. We should give the athletes a choice to skip college or go to college. If athletes go to college they should go and

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