Colin Powell Essay

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Colin Powell is a strong individual that has over come hardships of his own and that of his country. He is a man that was never satisfied with average and still excels in everything he does. Colin Powell is a leader and a role model to African Americans and the rest of the world.
On April 5, 1937 a true hero was born by the name Colin Luther Powell. He was born in Harlem, New York 12 years after his mother Maud and father Luther Theophilus Powell immigrated to New York from Jamaica. Colin grew up in New York City and proved to be a very intelligent human being. The Powell's were a very disciplined and religious family, which proved helpful in many cases. Colin skipped a grade in elementary school while excelling in his grasp for the
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He was strong enough to never let this slow him down as he joined the army in 1958.
Colin Powell entered the army as a seconded lieutenant in the infantry. He was first stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia where he furthered his military education. Soon after in October 1958 he was sent to West Germany. While there Colin assumed the position of platoon leader. By the age of twenty-two he became first lieutenant. In December he was transferred to Fort Devens in Massachusetts. This is where he met Alma Vivian Johnson. Two years later they were married and he was promoted to captain.
Not long after his wedding he was sent over seas to a small country in Southeast Asia. He would not stay there for long as the Vietnam War began. In December if 1963 he was deployed to serve our country at war. While at war Colin and Alma¡¦s first son Michael was born. Powell was injured by an enemy¡¦s booby trap in July of 1963. A year after being deployed, Colin comes back to the states and sees his son for the first time, and the new Powell family soon moved on to base together at Fort Benning. In 1965 the second edition to their family was born, Linda.
In 1966 Colin Powell received another promotion, making him Major Powell. A year later he was relocated to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. This was where he developed most of his leadership qualities. While being stationed in Kansas Powell advanced his education by studying at the Army Command and General Staff College. This proved

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