Cold War's Impact on America Politically, Socially, and Economically

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Cold War's Impact on America Politically, Socially, and Economically

As the Soviet Union approaches Berlin from the East, the allied forces invade from the west. Hitler’s German war-machine was crumbling. The United States had to make an enormous decision. Should they attack the Red Army of the Soviet Union? Should they keep the increasingly shaky alliance with the Russians and end the war in Europe? America chose to remain allies, resulting in a decision that affected the world for the next 46 years. World War 2 had concluded but now there was a new enemy, the Soviet Communist.

The post-war world left the Soviets and the United States in an ideological power struggle. The origin of the cold war is hard to pinpoint. There were
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Stalin was not a fool. Hitler had burned him with the non-aggression pact. He felt that he could not trust anyone. Stalin had learned from the past. Following two German invasions within the last 50 years, Stalin desired a buffer in Europe while he still had the power. His strategy seemed valid and his reasoning justified, particularly if you were a supporter of his communist regime.

In the west, Britain and America had different plans. Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had agreed on the Atlantic Charter. This charter formed a democratic alliance called the United Nations. The United Nations stands for world freedom. They wanted to end colonialism, which would eventually require Britain to give up their Indian Empire. It would rid all nations of foreign control. In turn the United States would insure the survival of Great Britain. The basic goals of the United Nations were to create global scale free-market capitalism, and to increase the worldwide standard of living. The world would be democratic in order to enable self-determination and give everyone self-respect. The United Nations would also provide international security and protection for everyone. The charter was the plan of Churchill and Roosevelt for the post-war world. The U.N. would become the political entity used to regulate the world. They eventually convinced Stalin to agree, at least on paper. But it would have

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