Cold Mountain Essay

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Devastation was a feeling many Americans became accustomed to during the outbreak of the Civil war, but this devastation eventually evolved to be the rebirth of the United States. The numbers of casualties were tremendous, and families were torn from it, just as the nation was. There were social, economic, and political complexities that made the war seem even more impossible to resolve. Many filmmakers have tried to realistically capture these complexities in order to reveal the damaging war that preserved the United States. The accuracies can be analyzed in any film with comparisons to the film’s events, and actual events that occurred in the Civil war. One film that achieves this is Cold Mountain, which was released in 2003. It was …show more content…
In the mean time, Ada and Ruby had been working on her father’s farm whom had recently passed away. They themselves suffered from hardships, but with dedication and perseverance these young women pulled the farm together beautifully. Inman makes it back to Ada in Cold Mountain finally, and they are happy together for one night, until the home guard comes after Inman for being a deserter. Inman dies from the shot of one of the home guard men, and all that Ada has left of him is their daughter that is born later on (IMBD). There is much accuracy found in the role of the Home Guard in the film Cold Mountain compared to the actual role of the Home Guard during the Civil War. The Home Guard plays a prominent role in the film Cold Mountain, and contributes greatly to the most depressing, yet engulfing, aspects of the film. There is a dreadful part in the film where the Home Guard terrorizes a family. They are searching for confederate soldiers whom have deserted the war effort. They have suspicions that two boys are hiding back at home so they do not have to continue to fight in the treacherous war. The home guard tortures the mother of the boys until they come out of hiding and reveal themselves. The Home Guard concludes their work by killing the entire family except for the mother. As one watches this it’s hard not to wonder, could a horrible incident like this have

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