Cognitive Assistive Technology Essay

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Cognitive Impairments Today’s classroom looks vastly different than classrooms even a decade ago. Teachers today need to be aware of different impairments and the impact it has on the tools they will be using to aid all of their students ability to reach their full potential. Students with cognitive impairments bring with them a unique set of challenges for the student and teacher to both overcome. Cognitive impairments encompass a vast array of qualifiers which makes accommodating for the student seem more problematic than is the reality. So what qualifies as a cognitive impairment? Dove (2012) highlights “attention, memory, self-regulation, navigation, emotion recognition and management, planning, and sequencing activity” as some …show more content…
Specific task options include the use of calculators, cameras, and global positioning systems (GPS), and multifunctional options include paper sticky notes, voice recorders, and smartphones (Katsioloudis & Jones, 2013). Teachers can now creatively look beyond the pages of special education resource catalogues and find solutions in any electronic or toy store, or any other vast array of sources (Bouck et. al, 2012). By thinking outside of the box, teachers are able to repurpose products to better meet the requirements of their students.
Livescribe Pulse and Echo Smartpens Taking notes in class no longer has to create undue stress to a student with a written expression learning disability or that of a student with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Livescribe Pulse and Echo Smartpens allow the user to take notes in specially created Livescribe notebooks while simultaneously creating an audio recording (Bouck et. al, 2012). Notes can be matched up with the audio recording as often as the user wants/needs enabling the user more time to comprehend visually and or auditory. With a price point between $100-$200, this is an affordable option for students that also can provide benefits in other areas of their life, especially during transition from the classroom setting to the workforce (Bouck, Flanagan, Miller, & Bassette, 2012).
Leap Frog Tag Reader The Tag Reader, made by Leap Frog, is readily available online and in many

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