Essay about Coca-Cola and The Global Economy

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Coca-Cola has been a long-standing mark in the community both here at home and abroad. For some reason, even cultures infatuated with extremely healthy living still see this product continue to have tremendous success. That famous Caramel E-150d color that was introduced in Georgia back in 1886 has found its way into the mainstream of most country cultures and continues to be a mainstay that will stick around in global cultures for many years to come. To this date, there are only five countries where Coke is not available: Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Burma, and North Korea. Porter’s Diamond Model may just explain why exactly they have been so successful in the past when looking at their competitive advantage. Porter’s Diamond Model adheres to …show more content…
This would explain why it may taste a little different when traveling to different places as they use their own filtered water and sweeteners, which provide mainly a similar product but for some give off a distinctly different taste. Countries with water scarcity or economic problems may not produce as much of the product. Related and supporting industries would be the companies like Pepsi trying to cut in on their share. According to Esterl (2011), Coke was found to control 42% of the market share, Pepsi comes in at 29.3%, and Snapple takes third at 16.7%. That is 88% of the market share right there and Coke seems to have quite the stranglehold market. Last part of Porter’s Diamond Model would be the domestic demand. Even in a harsh economic climate, the consumption of Coke seems to go up every year worldwide which would increase the demand for such a product. Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture was Professor Geert Hofstede’s attempt to define culture and explain the differences associated with them. The text defines the Five Dimensions of Culture as: Power distance, individualism (vs. collectivism), masculinity (vs. femininity), uncertainty avoidance, and long-term orientation (Peng, 2009, p. 103-104). The Coca-Cola Company is approximately 140,000 workers strong being led by the board of directors which has 16 people. The power distance goes from their highest point for these millionaire leaders all the way down to the assembly line

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