Clyde: The Leader of the Barrow Gang Essay

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During the Great Depression, the crime rate had increased dramatically. There were burglars, killers, and even mobs participating in massive criminal behavior at this time. This resulted in the most dangerous criminals in history. One of the most renowned criminal groups, during this time was the Barrow Gang. This gang included the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. Their gang went on a two-year spree. This seems to give them more of a Robin Hood image, than a murderous one. The police hated them, but the public loved them. Bonnie and Clyde became one of the most dangerous and well-known couples in history. They captured the imagination of the nation.
Clyde, the leader of the Barrow Gang, was born on October 1, 1910, into a life of poverty. Clyde
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Weeks after they met, Clyde was arrested and sentenced 2 years in jail due to his past crimes. He escaped on March 11, 1930. He escaped with a gun that Bonnie had smuggled in for him. He was later captured and sent back to jail. He was then sentenced to a 14 year jail term. During this time, he killed his first person. The cell mate had beaten and sexually assaulted Clyde. He was so miserable and desperate to get out, causing him to ask a cell mate to axe some of his toes off. Because of this, he was released to the hospital. He amazingly received parole after being released from the hospital. While on parole he ran away with his gang once again(Rosa). During the Great Depression, Bonnie and Clyde stole from five states including: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Clyde could navigate through the back roads of these states because he studied maps over the years(Gilmore).
Bonnie and Clyde’s situation had them constantly on the run, but they still visited their families frequently. One day Bonnie and Clyde went to visit Bonnie’s brother, Buck, and his wife, Blanche. The police found out about their whereabouts and opened fire on the place. They escaped the shooting with both Buck and Blanche. In the apartment, police found many pictures of Bonnie and Clyde holding guns. They also found a poem written by Bonnie called,”The Story of Suicidal Sal”. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Clyde’s car had driven off a bridge. The

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