Cloning: A Good Thing Essay

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Cloning: A Good Thing

A growing controversy in the world today is cloning. One stance is that cloning and cloning research should be banned altogether. Another position is in support of no restrictions of cloning and that scientists should be able to test on animals if they deem it necessary. Many other views are squeezed into different gray areas on the topic. It would be beneficial to explore the methods, benefits, moral and ethical conflicts involved with human cloning to fully understand the pros of cloning. The methods of human cloning and the research that accompanies them can provide a great deal of benefits. The benefits of human cloning include important medical breakthroughs, reproduction, and morality issues.
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“With cloning, infertile couples could have kids. Human infertility treatments are less than 10% successful. But with cloning it will make it possible for infertile couples to have kids” (Human Cloning Foundation). A list of benefits provided by human cloning research, range from the cure of diseases to aiding infertile couples. How can anyone deny the need for human cloning research after such an extensive list? This list does not even cover all the possible benefits foreseen by human cloning research. There are also benefits not even dreamed up as of yet. A major concern is that infertile parents will pay literally anything to have a child. Having doctors with this knowledge will encourage them to change exorbitant amounts of money for clones. It makes cloning look unethical and detrimental to society. Other ethical questions, aside from those that more directly overlap with morality, entail the practice of “trait shopping.” “Trait shopping is the process of selecting specific genes a child would have, but selecting traits will limit genetic diversity. Limiting genetic diversity could possibly be a disservice to humans by restricting their ability to adapt to their surroundings” (Human Cloning Foundation).

Would those involved in cloning be “Playing God”? Not if we have the knowledge to pursue such technologies as cloning. This knowledge and power is a gift from God and we should pursue this research within ethnical

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