Clinical Geneticists and Disease Essay

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Clinical geneticists are specialised physicians who focus on analysing, evaluating and caring for patients with inherited genetic diseases or ones that are genetically influenced (Education Portal, 2014). They are medical professionals that screen for inherited conditions and diseases arrived from altered DNA, prescribe therapy and interact with genetic counsellors (Education Portal, 2014). Clinical geneticists evaluate a person’s risk of inherited diseases and treats inherited disorders such as cystic fibrosis, can treat different forms of cancer and lastly can treat other abnormal conditions associated with a genetic alteration (Education Portal, 2014).
On a daily basis a clinical geneticist performs a variety of tasks such as providing
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For example a clinical geneticist may be requested to see a baby in the neonatal unit and have the opportunity to have a multidisciplinary meeting to discuss family counselling and investigation (, 2014).
Clinical geneticist’s also have research and developmental opportunities in both clinical and laboratory aspects of the specialty (, 2014). Academic departments within genetic centers are active in maintaining scientific and clinical knowledge, such as teaching within hospitals (, 2014). Clinical geneticists spend a significant amount of time teaching professional colleagues, healthcare students and the public about the genetic contribution to health and diseases (, 2014).
There also can be a lot of downsides and upsides to becoming a clinical geneticist, many say what they find most enjoying about being a clinical geneticist is that they enjoy the excitement of making a rare diagnosis, contributing to medical literature, the pleasure of dealing with families rather than just dealing with individuals (, 2014). There are also flexible working hours which involve little or no out-of-hours or shift work in clinical genetics, in which personally I find more attracting (, 2014).
The most challenging part of becoming a

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