Climate Change and Religion Essays

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This paper will discuss the environmental crisis of climate change. Included will be what climate change is and how it’s affecting the planet. The human spirit is an amazing thing that can withstand many obstacles this paper will discuss the affect climate change is having on the human spirit and how religion can help combat climate change through the awareness of ethical values. Climate change is something that’s occurring right now and the effects will take the planet thousands of years to recover so its critical that action is taken now to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations. Human spirit and the voice of religion may be the key to solving the climate change problem.
Climate Change an Environmental Concern Climate
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Humanities dependence on fossil fuel is one of the major causes of the greenhouse problem. The emission of carbon dioxide from automobiles, coal plants, and other fossil fuel sources are accelerating global warming. The black carbon released from coal plants may be the worst carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. Many of the developed countries are still relying on coal power plants to supply the heavy energy needs of these countries. While many of these countries are attempting to try alternative renewable energy sources many argue that as long as many of these countries leaders are invested in fossil fuel than the problem may not be resolved. To address the issues of climate change and the human spirit one should address how climate change affects human health and religion or spiritual beliefs.
Climate Change and Human Health Human health would be greatly affected by climate change and people are already being affected. As the climate changes heat is rising in many regions throughout the world. These heat waves are affecting people whom are not able to adjust to the rising temperatures leading to higher mortality rates. According to Peng et al. (2011), “In the present day, heat waves contribute significantly to mortality. For instance, in the summer of 1995, the city of Chicago experienced a devastating heat wave that was responsible for > 700 excess deaths in a 1-week period.” (p.

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