Clean Water: a Necessity Essay

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The average household uses around 350 gallons of clean water daily, so imagine our lives without clean water available whenever we needed it. Currently, water is plentiful and we don’t give a second thought to how often we actually use it in our day to day lives. Every day we use water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, irrigating and other common jobs. If water for some reason became scarce in today’s society, the effects could be fatal. There would soon be a costly price put on the ability to enjoy clean, fresh water.
The first thing we, as American’s, do whenever there is a shortage of something, in this case something very valuable, such as clean water, is no longer make this necessity free. Soon our water would be sold at an inflated
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Making a pot of coffee could be more expensive than going to Starbucks daily. Cleaning would be out of the question for most households, and indoor plumbing would come to a stop. The average American is already having trouble staying afloat in these times and economic struggles, adding the extra cost of clean water into their budget could be life altering. The rate of homeless people would definitely rise with a crisis like this, as well as the death rate. Waterborne diseases and the absence of sanitary drinking water would kill younger children, who have weak immune systems, and even adults, resulting in a dramatic decline in our population.
Without clean, unpolluted irrigation water, farmers would not be able to grow their crops or irrigate their fields that feed their livestock, resulting in a shortage of all food groups. Now not only would the nation be suffering from a scarcity of clean water, but also food. Our nation would have to import foods in from other countries, making the prices of food practically unaffordable. This will increase the crime rate, because what people can’t buy, they will steal. The money being lost from stolen goods could potentially shut stores down, boosting unemployment. More people without jobs would prevent them from being able to purchase food or water, and with that, less money would be made to import more of these items to support our nation.
All in all, water is one element mankind cannot live without.

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