Civic Virtue: The Right Thing for Our Society Essay

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Introduction Perhaps, the American society is the most divergent, the most accommodating and the most culturally diverse among all societies across the globe. Interestingly, most Americans reflect similar elements of behavior in many respects which are distinct to our American society. There are a number conscious and unconscious core values which are expected to guide every American character. Most of the American culture has to some extent embedded western civilization: A civilization that accommodates different cultures, merges multiple ideas, and values the freedom of choice. Still, a number of challenges in the direction of promoting our general wellbeing have been arising; thus, leading to questions on the direction that our …show more content…
While the poor can only afford the often low quality education in public schools, the rich will take their children to expensive private schools Moreover, the rich can afford expensive social amenities and can even rely on their own security systems instead of the community policing. Such an arrangement has two important results. First, it (wealth disparity) has led to a significant decrease in the level of interactions between the poor and the rich. While a rich American will prefer to visit a private park for recreation, a poor American will rely on the often deteriorated public park. Secondly, such an arrangement (wealth disparity) has left most of the government’s services to the poor. The rich are becoming less reliant on government services. For example; they (the rich) can pay for their own security services; they can take their children to private schools; and will often visit private parks. As such, the rich will become less enthusiastic in paying for public services which they rarely utilize; thus, presenting the government with a challenge in collecting enough resources required in providing primary services to citizens. The quality of public services can therefore be expected to deteriorate even further as a result. Moreover, it will increasingly become difficult for interactions between the rich and the poor to

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