Chuch Doctrine: Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay example

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Human beings are born as the purest expression of divinity, yet they develop into polar opposites of goodness and evil. Therefore, society corrupts the individual by attempting to make them conform to standards inherently wrong for the singular and unique person. The entirety of human greatness lies within subtle and delicate expression of divinity within the uniqueness of the individual. When the distinctions between individuals are blurred and identity is erased, humanity loses its greatest gift of individuality. The union of many individual ideas into overarching rules and values reduces the majority to a state of quiet resignation. Pressures to conform over differences large and small results in complacent cooperation with ways of life …show more content…
While following the well trodden life path of family and peers gives a predictable journey and outcome, individuals must find their own way in order to “preserve the true course” regardless of whether or not a destination is foreseeable (10). Taking the easy path of simply reiterating the hopes, dreams, and desires of another results in a loss of genuine individuality and the transformation of a divine being into an empty husk. Pursuing a way of life true to the heart and soul is to truly represent the intrinsic divinity of the universe and to transcend life and death itself. Thoreau illustrates the immortality of self fulfillment in his reasoning for leaving Walden Pond. During his stay, Thoreau lived true to himself and as a result still had “several more lives to live, and could not spare any more time for that one” (17). By retaining the entirety of his persona for his two years at Walden, Thoreau was able to gain spiritual peace and mental satisfaction equivalent to that gained over a lifetime of conformity. By living to the fullest extent of his personal truth, Thoreau lived a life to its fullest in a mere fraction of his time on Earth. Conversely, humans that forsake the expression of their soul for general acceptance are unable to truly live regardless of their time spent

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