Essay on Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

The type of violence portrayed in Chronicle of a Death Foretold is more of an honor killing, in which two innocent young men feel pressured by society to become violent, instead of their own intentions. The standards and expectations of the society and their own mother who summoned them with the problem expected them to take care of the situation and regain their sister's honor. The kind of violence seen in Billy Budd differs in that it is a regulatory measure meant to keep order and obey the rules of a society and an institution. While both acts of violence are not the pure testosterone driven raging acts seen in modern day news broadcasts, they differ in that they also show a background of
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With the impure intentions of finding a picture perfect wife whom he knew nothing about, Bayardo puts himself in a world of trouble, all because he connived Angela into marrying him.

Angela Vicario was brought up to be a good, traditional wife who "any man will be happy with" (Marquez 31). In choosing her, Bayardo was not so far off the mark. She refuses to tell her parents about her marriage predicament before the wedding and allows herself to be convinced by her friends that things will be fine if she uses their tricks. It is her decency and "honesty" which, prevailing, further instigates the dilemma and allows her husband to know the truth.

After her immense embarrassment of being returned to her family on her wedding night, Angela Vicario is probed for the name of her lover who has dishonored both her and her family. She answered without hesitation or a second thought and said Santiago Nasar's name. If this was her true lover's name, she never thinks twice to hide his identity from her two "urgently summoned" brothers. The doubt cast that Santiago was Angela's true lover continues as the narrator looks back on his friendship with the "victim" and ponders how "nobody could have believed that one of us could have kept a secret without its being shared" (Marquez 41). The innocence of Santiago's close friends in "such a big secret" indicates that perhaps Angela was lying, simply picking one of "many

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