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The concept of Confucianism is regarded as a way of life which was highly held and taught widely by Confucius in period of 5th - 6th Century BC. The Chinese have ardent believers, followers and practitioners of the Confucianism from time immemorial, estimated to be dating as far back as two millennia. The formation and foundation of the movement has been accredited to K’ung Fu-Tzu which means “master king”, over the years. The basics of Confucius are based on the retrieval of meaning of the

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During this period classic works were the Daode Jing, the Zhuangzi in particular they were highly influential upon the flourishing of the classical Daoism.
Classical Daoism-Here Daoling established the way of the celestial masters known as the way of orthodox unity. Though the Daoism as a group or as a theme did not exists, there is reason to believe that the groups and communities that believed in Zhuangzi and Laozi texts which are highly definitive of Daoism were in contact with each other (Chad Hansen, 2007).
Modern Daoism- came into being during the 1940s to 1980s when Daoism was vehemently suppressed alongside other Marxist movements and religions. The monks and priests were sent to labor camps and the artifacts grossly destroyed. It was not until Deng Xiaoping restored some religious tolerance and the communists recognized Daoism as a legitimate religion (James Miller, 2009 ).
Contemporary Daoism-Here Daoism started to be practiced. Daoism aimed at achieving immortality through breathing, meditation, helping others and use of elixirs. Daoism has influenced Chinese culture positively as it has given birth to martial arts such as Tai chi and Qigong. It has also improved the healthy living such as practicing vegetarianism and exercise. Its texts have codified Chinese views on morality and behaviors regardless of religious affiliation.
Legalism was initially founded by Shang Yang, later to be further developed by Hanfeizi and Li
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