China's One Child Policy Essay example

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Introduction It is the responsibility of any government to provide for its population. It is due to this reason that family planning is becoming a major controversial concept in many nations. One of the most controversial population control policies is the Chinese one child family policy which was implemented in 1979. The policy was forced by the view that the increasingly growing population could evidently compromise the economic development and sustainability of the Chinese nation (Liu, Onuaha, 2005). The law dictates that each family should legally have only one child. It should also be noted that the strain that the increasing young population posed to the existing structures could have been another reason for the implementation of …show more content…
The author also gives a discussion on the critics and proponents of the One-Child Policy in China.
The one child policy The one child policy in china is a population control strategy by the Chinese government which dictates couples to have only one child. It is however to be realized that the policy allows for the bearing of more than one child especially for rural residents. The law does not apply to some ethnic minority communities in the nation. It has evidently been established that only an estimated 40 percent of the Chinese population has been affected by the one child policy restrictions. Still to be noted here is the factor the law has not been in some regions of the republic such as the Hong Kong and Tibet. The law allows for having more than one child particularly in rural areas if the first child is proved to be physically and mentally impaired. Still to be noted is the fact that such giving birth into a second child is subject to confirmation by the legal justice system and should be based on birth spacing provisions of three to four years. It should be understood that the law on its provisions imposes heavy fines to members of the society who violate the law. Giving birth to a third child is a criminal offense which could compromise ones occupational benefits. It is however to be noted that the Chinese government under its affirmative action policy allows for the minority ethnic groups in the

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