Children's Right Essay

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Over the past 30 years, the position of children in society has changed with increasing recognition of children’s rights and the need to involve them in decisions about their education, social and health care. As more weight has been given to the rights and views of the child, there has been a shift from research on children to research with children and the adoption of the concept of child-centered research, which has been summarized as: a) regarding children as competent and reflexive in reporting their own experiences; b) giving children a voice and taking seriously what they say; and c) rather than researching on children, working for and with them1. The majority of research conducted on children is composed of
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to measure the emotional status of hospitalized school aged children.13, 14
Children’s drawings and narratives can provide a unique window into their inner experiences, when they have experienced stress and anxiety.5 In particular, drawings are a useful component of research with children for several reasons: i) they can be used with children of all ages ii) drawing may be considered a familiar, ordinary activity which children may have experience of undertaking at home or school; iii) they provide a non-verbal means of communication, which may be accompanied by a verbal discussion; iv) they can be adapted as children wish; and v) drawings do not necessitate an immediate response; children may take time and deliberate over them1. Short descriptions/narratives complement data obtained from other qualitative methods. It gives an opportunity for children to describe their personal experiences, difficulties found in communication with a dentist or others and any suggestions on how quality of care can be improved.
Most of the times in a pediatric dental setting, treatment conducted on children involve adult knowledge. The dentist may think that research methods such as questionnaires, scales and interviews may be beyond the limit of children and thus the best way to know what children think, want is by getting ‘proxy information’

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