Children in the midst of Crisis Essay

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Children in the midst of Crisis

Our education system is one of the most respectable, reputable and sought after commodity's in our society, but it is also the most over crowded, discriminatory, and controversial system ever established. Most people yearn for a higher education because it's what's expected in this society in order to get ahead. It means a better job, more money, power, prestige and a sense of entitlement. But this system has let down the children that are supposed to benefit from it. Education discriminates against minorities, and poorer class students are not expected nor encouraged to attain a higher education. The education system is set up to ensure that every child get a basic education, but there are many
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This continues until they conform to the behavior accepted by their peers. Children are often taught to disregard family values and traditions which undermines a child's character. Having a teacher or peer reinforce the fact that their behavior isn't acceptable has devastating and lasting affects on children because they don't know any better. Language is a good example of a difficulty a minority child might have when encountering an educational setting. In order to be successful, a child must have the opportunity to relate both with their community and their educational system to take one away with little explanation leaves a child confused. As Bell Hooks says, "that to deny ourselves daily use of speech patterns that are common and familiar, that embody the unique and distinctive aspect of our self is one of the ways we become estranged and alienated from our past."

Our goal in this system is to enhance a child's abilities by using both their background and their learning abilities in positive ways so they can reinforce each other. Children should not have to conform to the beliefs of the majority to be successful, they should contribute in their own unique way to the better understanding of such a system. In the quest for better

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