Childhood Obesity in America Essay

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Childhood Obesity
Obesity is becoming a big problem in America especially among young kids. In last decade, childhood obesity has tripled which causing this country millions of dollars. Who should we blame for this issue? One says we should blame on schools or parents and others say food industry should be blamed. Many parents worried about this problem including Michelle Obama. She says, “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese” (Michelle Obama). As we see, obesity is causing so many kids with
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In the school they try to sell what kids prefer to buy. Kids do not really know about the calorie counting and what is healthier for them in the school, so they eat what tastes good. If we look around the school, we see so many vending machines with full of junk foods such as oily snacks with high calories and sodas with high sugar which most kids consume all day long. Therefore, childhood obesity`s rate high today because kids are surrounded with unhealthy foods in schools.
Additionally, kids are not only eating junk foods but also doing less physical activities in schools. Children spend more time at school than their home, and they are moving less and doing less physical activities because schools do not provide a physical education much. According to an article published in July 2012 in New York Times, “In its biennial survey of high school students across the nation, the CDC reported in June that nearly half said they had no physical education classes in an average week. In New York City, that number was 20.5 percent, compared with 14.4 percent a decade earlier, according to the CDC (New York Times). It seems to be true because there are almost no physical educations in most schools in America. Government cut off the budget in schools to provide physical education for children. Children are already doing less physical activities at home, so it will be better if government takes serious action to provide more physical education in schools.

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