Essay on Child Pschology

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A lot happens in the life of children from conception until they get to be teenagers. Children develop a lot in the womb. Then children slowly come to know the outside world around them. Once they get acquainted with the world they have to learn to cooperate with the authority, such as their parents and/or guardians. Then once they learn all of that, they have to learn to get along with their body again, because adolescence starts. They have to mature into a good adult. While still in the womb, a baby develops all the time. The first trimester is a busy time in the life of a child. During the first month the baby gains dark spots for the eyes and is as long a grain of rice. By the second month, a third of the baby is the head and …show more content…
His characteristics, sensory acuity, reflexes, and emotions all develop in the first few weeks of his life. The newborn, also known as the neonate, grows a lot during that time.4 First a baby has to get used to being out of the womb. His body has to get used to not being curled up, so in the first few weeks of his life, the newborn will be stretching and relaxing his limbs. Also when a baby is first born, some of his fat is water, so he will lose some of that fat. He will also develop a lot in those weeks.5 Then the baby also develops his senses. He responds to pain and cold. The infant also begins to respond to light and follows things with his eyes. He also responds to loud noises. The baby develops his reflexes at this time too. His self preserving reflexes appear right after birth. Reflexes like smiles, sneezes, yawning, crying, etc. are all developed, quite quickly. His startle reflex also comes into play where he will extend his arms and legs when he is startled.6 The baby's emotional and social responses are also developed. A baby can and will show when he is angry, scared, or content by the way he holds himself or cries. For example: a baby will struggle when his extremities are held down, this shows anger. A baby will also struggle and begin to cry when he feels like he is falling, this shows fear. A baby will coo, smile,

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