Child Labor Essay

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Throughout time children have worked myriad hours in hazardous workplaces in order to make a few cents to a few dollars. This is known as child labor, where children are risking their lives daily for money. Today child labor continues to exist all over the world and even in the United States where children pick fruits and vegetables in difficult conditions. According to the article, “What is Child Labor”; it states that roughly 215 million children around the world are working between the ages of 5 and 17 in harmful workplaces. Child labor continues to exist because many families live in poverty and with more working hands there is an increase in income. Other families take their children to work in the fields because they have no access …show more content…
However, children are still able to work before and after school and cannot be released early from school to work in the fields. There are laws and regulations that dictate where and when children can work.
Even though there are laws and regulations that prohibit child labor, they are not enforced in the agricultural segment of the work force. Many companies are able to practice child labor because it is not enforced adequately. The Fair Labor Standards Act only excludes children from working in mines and factories, however, children working in the agricultural segment were still allowed to work. While children who had worked in mines and factories were able to have their childhood, those who worked in the fields had to continue working because they had no choice and they were not protected by the law. Although the Department of Labor states that children cannot work during school hours, they are still able to work if their parents give them permission. Therefore, many children will still be working and losing out on their education because their parents wish for them to work. The United States Department of Labor is still allowing child labor to exist. Even though there are laws and regulations in place, there are ways to get passed them, which continues the practice of child labor.
Child labor is a practice that exploits children by making children work many hours a day

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