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At some point in life, everyone has asked why. The word why is used to find a reason or purpose. It can be used for various occasions. For example, when asking why the car broke down or when a child is curious about why they need to take a shower after playing at the park. Sometimes just why by itself can be a plethora of questions, especially when an abused and/or neglected child questions “Why?” Although they only say “Why?” what they can really be asking is “Why is mommy never home, why does daddy hurt me, or why can’t I ever do anything right?” Child abuse and neglect is a big controversial social justice issue. It happens everyday all around the world and can greatly impact the life of the abused and/or neglected child.

World wide
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(Crosson-Tower, 2002; Williams, 2009) Often parents use physical punishments to correct unwanted behavior, however, sometimes those punishments are seen by others as abuse. One form of punishment that is often seen as abuse is corporal punishment. Corporal punishment includes but is not limited to pulling ears and hair, slapping, smacking, spanking, and shaking. On February 22, 2007, a legislation to ban the use of corporal punishment with children less than four years of age was introduced, sparking debates justifying and opposing the uses of physical punishment with children. (Williams,2009)

Those opposing the use of physical punishment to correct child behavior says that it may have started out as an intention to correct child behavior but escalated to include when the parent(s) is angry and unable to control themselves. Additionally, opposers argue that corporal punishment begins as physical discipline then escalates into legally defined physical abuse. It also trains children in violence and domination, even when it is moderate. Opposers of physical punishment drew attention to various research studies that indicate that many negative behaviors and outcomes have been regularly associated with corporal punishment. Examples include poorer school performance, greater suicidal thoughts and aggression. (Williams, 2009)

However, supporters of physical punishment

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