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The Cherry Orchard

The “Cherry Orchard” by Anton Chekhov, is a symbolic story about change. The story centers on one family, and the people that come into their lives. It takes place during a time where Russia is changing, becoming a more modern world. The cherry orchard symbolizes the past, and each character deals with leaving the past behind.
     The play begins with Lopakhin, a friend of the family, coming to the house, and being greeted by the maid, Dunyasha, only to find out that the owner, Ranevsky has been in Paris for the past five years. We find out that Lopakhin is a businessman, and that he used to be a peasant, already revealing the changes that have taken place in Russian Culture. No longer is it
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     Trofimov, and important character appears. He was Ranesvky’s sons tutor and brings back painful memories of the past. Yet he also gives long speeches about Russia, revealing the attitude some Russian people at this time in history. He speaks of the importance of work, and he calls Russian intellectuals lazy. He feels the ideas of the modern Russia are morally wrong and stupid.
     The third act takes place on the day of the auction, and there is a party in the house. The play ends with the characters contemplating as they are leaving, and the cherry orchard is already being cut down. They are all going their separate ways. Firs, an old servant, get left behind. He seems to represent the last generation of Russia that is fading out, their beliefs and way of life, being forgotten. The play ends with the vision of him, as well as the sound of the cherry orchard being cut down.
     Throughout the play, there are various discussions between the characters that seem to show the struggle between accepting the modern changes in Russia, and rejecting them. Trofimov believes that the old Russia was oppressed, and that new changes can only be good. The older characters seem to remember a time when Russia was better and life was better for them all.
     The play is very nostalgic

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