Charles Perkins: Australian Aboriginal Activist Essay

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Did you know that it wasn’t until 1966 until an Australian Aboriginal graduated university? Well it was and that person was Charles Perkins.
This presentation is about Charles Perkins, an Australian Aboriginal Activist. This presentation will outline who he is, why he promoted change, his roles, the outcomes of his actions and the people who benefited from his actions. This presentation focuses on Charles Perkins actions gaining rights and freedoms for Australian Aboriginals, mainly focusing on the freedom ride. Australian Aboriginal activist, Charles Perkins, had a significant impact and effect on the rights and freedoms of Indigenous Australians mainly in NSW but also Australian wide from 1963 to 1972 through
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He became President of Student Action for Aboriginals and various positions with Aboriginal organisation and in office for Aboriginal Affairs (The Charles Perkins Trust, n.d.). As well as all this he was also a soccer super star and a mentor to several of Australian Aboriginal athletes. He wanted to change the way Aboriginals were treated (Anon., 2013). He was and Aboriginal himself so he experience some discrimination (The National Museum of Australia, 2007). He wanted the Aboriginals to receive better living standards and others not to discriminate against them (Perkins, 1999). He saw various examples of poor living standards for Aboriginals, including living it until he was 10 and he saw the Mungana reserve where the white staff had nice, well presented homes and it was small tin shanties for all the Aboriginal residents. To stop unfair treatment towards the Aboriginals and to stop discrimination he wanted to make the public aware of what was going on and of the Aboriginal causes (kostagalanis, 2013). After the freedom ride he believed that it had still not gained enough power for Aboriginal so he kept on working for the Aboriginal causes.

He took on many roles to get these changes. The role that was one of the main roles and he is most well-known for was leader and co-organiser of the freedom ride in 1965 (The National Museum of Australia, 2007). He was a leader for Aboriginals; he was hope and inspiration to Aboriginals and some

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