Charles Dickens Exposes the Dangers and Horrors of Victorian London in Oliver Twist

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Charles Dickens Exposes the Dangers and Horrors of Victorian London in Oliver Twist

All of Charles Dickens novels are set in the period he wrote them in and contain certain points of social and political beliefs that he highlighted with the desire to change his audience's views, on mainly the poor, but also all those that were treated unjustly because of laws and stereotypes. 'Oliver Twist' is the story of a young orphan who is the illegitimate son of two good people. It shows the attempts of a collection of villainous characters to break his hereditary kind-heartedness and innocence. This is to benefit them through his considerable, unknown inheritance that they have found out about. However,
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They only had very few options; to stay where they were in horrific conditions, to submit to the terrible workhouse or turn to crime.

After three years the law had become fully effective and the consequences of decision were obvious. Dickens was always protesting against the harsh treatment of the poor and was always on a crusade to resolve the problems. It was at this point that Dickens decided to take action by writing 'Oliver Twist'. Dickens can really sympathise with the poor characters in his book and the young children in his novel as he has been in their position. After his father was taken to debtor's prison, twelve-year-old Dickens was sent to a shoe blacking factory to earn money. His experiences in the factory and around that time were so traumatic that he only spoke about it to his wife and closest friend. These experiences affected Dickens' writing and helped contribute to the graphic imagery found within 'Oliver Twist' that show the horrors of London.

Dickens' writing is distinguishable by the many various descriptive techniques found throughout his work. In 'Oliver Twist' the descriptions can be divided into two main groups; description of setting and description of characters. To fully persuade his audience of the dangers of London, Dickens had to ensure his descriptions were detailed

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