Characters, Themes, and Dramatic Techniques in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

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Characters, Themes, and Dramatic Techniques in Our Day Out by Willy Russell

`Our Day Out` was written by Willy Russell to show people life in the inner city of Liverpool. There are a lot of scenes which create tension, excitement and disappointment in Our Day Out. One humorous part is Les the lollipop man, just after Carol has explained what the purpose of the progress class is, he replies "By Christ, I bet she's kept busy, they're all bloody backward around here". The use of slang "I'll keep dixie" and swearing "right, dickheads move" create a realistic impression of the characters. Accents are also used in Our Day Out, mainly by Carol who has a distinguishable accent… "Agh,ey Les…". Using
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Mrs Kay is by far the kids preferred teacher. This is because she is very relaxed and motherly towards the children. She cares for the children and listening to their points of view, gives her a good understanding of them. Her caring nature comes across through her use of familiar expressions when dealing with the children… "Well, you could try couldn't you, love?" Later in the play Mrs Kay has an argument with Briggs. She supports the kids a great deal during the argument… "You're on their side, aren't you?" Briggs challenged, "Absolutely, Mr Briggs, absolutely!" Her relaxed nature is evident from her actions and demeanour, particularly in those scenes where she is seen sitting with a coffee, while the kids play havoc… "Stocking feet curled under her".

Briggs is a completely different person to Mrs Kay. Throughout the play, he repeatedly snaps comments at the children… "Reilly, Dickson, Sit down!" The constant snapping, shouting and staccatos from Mr Briggs, proves his lack of empathy for the children. Briggs has a problem, in that he doesn't understand the children's deprivation - their lack of parental affection, poor educational background and generally the good things in life. Briggs cannot agree with Mrs Kay, when she expresses her views on the children's destiny… "You are in a job that is designed and funded to fail." She says Briggs job is worth nothing because

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