Essay about Characteristics of the Fandom Subculture

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Fandom is a term that refers to a subculture that consists of fans who share a feeling of camaraderie with other fans who share a common interest. Those that consider themselves to be part of a fandom are typically interested in even minor details of those interests, spend a large amount of their time on their interest and are usually members of social media sites that allow them to discuss this interest in detail. This is what differentiates them from those who only show a casual interest.

The term fandom can be used to refer to a specific fandom (e.g. the “Supernatural” fandom), but it is now commonly used in a broad sense to refer to many fandoms that overlap or interconnect, particularly on social media websites such as “Tumblr”
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Fan activities that have become even more popular because of the internet include writing fanfiction or roleplays, drawing fanart, organizing cosplays, crafts, fanvids, doujinshi (comics) and discussion groups. While many of these activities existed and were popular before everything went online, there has never been as large a presence as there is now, in 2014. However, while fandom (and in particular these activities) maintain an extremely large online presence, many are unaware of (or ignore) their presence. Even fans that write fanfiction regularly may deny the fact that they do so, in attempt to avoid the reaction of those who are not part of a fandom.

“Being a fan, especially a fan who writes fanfiction, however, comes with all kinds of unwanted social stigmas, be they allegations of illegality, immorality, or just plain weirdness.” - The Daily Dot

Many members of fandom are forced to face accusations that they are stealing the creations of others, and that they are essentially plagiarising. The legal issues that surround fandom and all associated activities are numerous, and the majority are still ongoing in 2014.

Sites such as “The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)” have been created for the sole purpose of circumventing the legal issues that surround fandom activities. One of the organization’s most known actions is the fact that they founded “Archive of our Own” in 2009. The archive was so successful that it was named one of

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