Essay about Changing Role of Human Resources

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1.0 Introduction
In any company- be it a proprietorship or a partnership firm or a multinational corporation, Human resources has always played a significant role in particular vicinity of a company’s regular schedule. Depending on the nature and profile of the company the HR executes various general functions. (Mayhew R., N.D.) Such as –
• It is the prime duty of a HR to formulate plans to ensure maximum utilisation of manpower for advancement of the organization.
• Another important role of the HR is to set up a lucrative remuneration packages in accordance with the other organizations of same profile- so that the company not only can hire proficient workforce but will also be able to retain them from changing the company.
• The entire
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(Beatty, R. W., & Schneier, C. E. 1997)

2.1 Traditional Personnel Management (PM) versus Human Resource Management (HRM)
The modification in the purpose of human resources has been developing for a while now. Rising from the most horrible financial downturn in 1945, a transformation came all over the world needed supervisors, who will be able to twist the techniques so that considerable growth and improvement can be ignited for successful utilization of workforce. While many believe in the fact that Personnel management and Human Resource Management are one and same. However, many Specialists who believe that there are dissimilarities amid these two concepts points out that (CIPD 2012)-
Personnel management is of organizational in character and mostly remain involved in employment related regulations, transaction with the workers and their payment. Human Resources Management, on the other hand, is responsible for organization of the employees and take part in the accomplishments of the organization.
Human Resources Management is said to be a great deal broader in concept than Personnel Management as it includes and modifies the proficiency of personnel management. The Human Resources Management whereas forms a group of workers for the company.
Personnel management is spontaneous in its

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