Change the World Essay

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The question regarding how to engage with culture, specifically one that is spiraling towards a postmodern secularism, has been an enquiry that many passionate young Christians have asked. It seems as though the phase “world changer” has been spreading like wild fire specifically among the young adults in the church and high Christian education. This quest to change the world and redefine the church’s mission has Christian college student on the edge of their seats and egger to graduate and enter the mission field. In this book To Change the World by James Davison Hunter, he begins to unpack and present a compelling argument asking people to truly understand the implication of trying to be a “world changer”.
Hunter abruptly reveals
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In his book Hunter explains that typical there are three ways Christians have engaged in culture. There are conservative, liberal, and Anabaptist, and while each of these different manners of engaging in culture has some positive attributes to them they have untimely failed at making substantial change in our culture. “Faith traditions have moved from a position of offense to one of defense.” The problem each of these worldviews is they fail to take in to account the people and other worldviews around themselves. A person becomes so isolated in their specific ideals that they fail to deal with crucial problems right in font of their face. Often Conservatives are seen as uncompassionate legalistic people who want nothing to do with the “secular” world. Non-believers are put off at by the judgmental actions of those who say they are conservative, leaving no room for Gods grace to be shown on people. On the other hand there are the liberal Christians who are seen as hypocritical lukewarm believers who have given in to the ways of the world. And finally there are the Anabaptist or the Neo-Anabaptist who share “several points of commonality between the Christian left.” The difference between these two line in the practical implication

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