Chang Yu-i’s Struggle With Identity Essay

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Chang Yu-i’s Struggle With Identity

Are you are confused as to where you are going in life? Do you sometimes feel like you just do not know who you are, or who you want to be? Do not worry, this is not uncommon. In fact, according to psychoanalyst Erik Erickson (1902-1994), most young people ages fifteen to twenty years of age feel the same way. Erickson, a psychoanalytic theorist, took the human life cycle and categorized it into eight stages. One such stage would be identity versus role-confusion. During this stage, adolescents begin to truly form who they are in life. They form their present off of the good and bad experiences of their past. Erickson believes that the stages in the life cycle apply to nearly everyone. It does
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So, they did both. The men marched forwards, expanding their education by learning not only traditional Confucianism, but also the modern knowledge of the western world. Women, however, stayed mostly in the past. Although there were some changes for the women of China, they were still expected to belong to their father, and then be passed onto their husband. Their job in life was to please their husband and family-in-law, and to bring sons in to the world. So it was for most women, including Yu-i. The changes that did occur for the women were small but significant. One change that occurred was the decline of bound feet. Women were finally allowed to grow their feet out. Once looked upon as a sign of beauty, bound feet, or lotus petals as they were called in China, were becoming less common. Yu-i was born into the time people had opposing views as to whether or not bound feet were still considered beautiful. When she was three, Yu-i’s mother and amah began to bind her feet. So terrible was the pain, that Yu-i cried and cried for days. Even when she knew it was bad for her reputation, she could not stop. Finally her sibling Second Brother went to their mother and told her to stop. Her mother did not want to hurt Yu-i, but felt that if Yu-i did not have beautiful bound feet, she would not find a suitable husband. Only when Second Brother promised to take care of Yu-i should

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