Challenges of Hong Kong Luxury Hotels Facing Nowadays Essay examples

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Challenges of Hong Kong Luxury Hotels Facing Nowadays
Hong Kong, as a Special Administrative Region of China, is a popular destination for travelers from Mainland China and also other countries (Tasci, & Denizci, 2010). Tourism is one of the pillar industries of Hong Kong’s economy, and has made significant contribution in recent decades. One of the main elements of this rapidly growing industry is the hotel industry, which is also flourishing in Hong Kong with plenty of hotels for visitors. However, with the changing traveling patterns of the tourists, the hotels especially the luxury ones are being presented with great challenges. This essay analyses the current situation of Hong Kong’s hotel industry and points out the challenges that
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They state that compared with Medium Tariff hotels, luxury hotels have higher fixed charges. More specifically, the labor costs are rapidly increasing (Hobson & Ko, 1994). Luxury hotels, which offer better services to customers, require experienced and well-trained employees. As the hotel industry is facing an over capacity, gathering talented elites can be a challenging task. Moreover, because hotel industry is labor-intensive, it is equally important to put in more cost to provide better treatment for the employees so as to enhance their motivation. Additionally, there are different kinds of luxury hotels in Hong Kong, providing the overnight visitors a wide range of choices. To survive and stand out in the severe competition, the hotels should develop their own distinguishing features in order to attract customers.

Being environmentally sustainable
Nowadays, with the rapid development of high technology and the awareness of protecting the environment, the concept of building a sustainable society has become more popular. Carbon dioxide (CO2), which accounts for the worsening green house effect, contributes to unprecedented rises in average temperatures globally as well as the destruction of the natural climate cycle and negative effects on human sustainability, as Cheung and Fan (2013) states. Hotels, one of the large consumers of CO2, especially the luxury ones which need to consumer more energy because

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