Essay on CEO Dick Brown Taking Over

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A company’s organizational culture “can be defines as a set of values, norms, and artifacts, including ways of solving problems that members (employees) of an organization share. As time passes, stakeholders view the company and organization as a living organism, with a mind and will of its own”. It can be summarized as “the way we do things around here” (Ferrell 143-181). A company’s organizational culture is learned mostly through its artifacts; stories, rituals, language and symbols. Stories are narratives that contain elements of cultural value and beliefs, often involving its founder(s). Usually stories that anchor what’s happening now into what happened, involving a hero. Rituals are repetitive sequence of events that reinforce key …show more content…
The company was tangled up in 16 different email systems; AOL, Exchange, Hotmail, Notes—some EDSers even used their clients’ systems, something that did not let him send email to all of EDS’s: 140,000 employees, simultaneously. EDS pioneered the IT-services industry—the fastest industry in the world. But since the split off from General Motors in 1996, EDS was too slow for the fast-forward IT marketplace.
EDS was eaten away from its market share by Razorfish, Scient, Viant. IBM launched its own IT-services division, Global Services, and promptly steamrolled EDS on the way to grabbing the lead. At the time when the market for computer services was estimated to be at half a trillion dollars—and growing rapidly—EDS’s growth slowed, and its market cap declined. It missed the onset of the Internet wave, the start of the client-server wave, and the beginning of the run-up to Y2K. Even worse, it was not seen as a cool company. The digerati dismissed EDS as stodgy, arrogant, and chained to old technology. Brown wanted to change the organization’s culture in doing so he will change the characteristics of the culture. Culture can be understood in terms of seven different culture characteristics; innovative culture, detailed-oriented, outcome-oriented, people-oriented, team-oriented, aggressive culture, and stable culture, depending on what is most emphasized within the organization.
Thus, I would characterize EDS’s culture before Dick Brown took his reins as

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