Celebrities Influence on Society Essay

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The topic that my group and myself covered was over popular icons and their influence in our society. Celebrities I found hold tremendous power and influence as to how people admire them. Our society is celebrity focused and holds them on a pedestal as if they are idols. I learned that mainly celebrity icons serve as tools of worship for society. Our group looked at the topics of influence of celebrities on the consumer culture. I learned that celebrities bring light to brands and products. Majority of individuals base their decisions on buying products if someone famous is using it, since they strive to be like them. An example would be Beyoncé having a mega deal with Pepsi. She endorses Pepsi with her image and consumers find they …show more content…
I found that behind the scenes the media and their fans try to make celebrities live up to stardom standards and this manipulating for celebrities. Often celebrities are over glamorized, they are gifted in what they do but often this is taken to an unrealistic perspective by society. I learned that stress is often the main cause of drug and alcohol abuse. This provides an escape for celebrities from the reality of their stardom and allows them to feel like normal people. But this abuse often ends in destruction for most of them. I also learned how some celebrities changed from a good image to a negative image. Certain celebrities started their careers out as good overall individuals, but as their careers progressed their image and lifestyle took a turn for the worst. An example of this would be Whitney Houston who was a famous singer. She started her life and career out as a positive woman who was a great singer. To the public she had a great whole-some image but internally she felt that she wasn’t that. She eventually married Bobby Brown, which was shown as defiance from her good girl image. She got addicted to drugs, began to conduct herself in a negative manner, and she eventually died from a drug overdose. This to me is a sad case of how people who are celebrities can change from good to bad. Also there are cases in which some celebrities changed from bad to good. An example celebrity that I learned about was

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