Causes of the Identification Challenges from College-Aged Teenagers

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Antoine de Saint-Exupery writes in his book “The Little Prince” about values in life and presents the reader confidence and reliance. At the same time Saint-Ex awakes his audience to look critical at themselves and implies challenges and difficulties in the life of humans. He expresses the danger of less relationships and safeness from humans to their homes when he remarks that “most humans do not have roots, what is really bad for them.”1
The challenge which Saint-Ex points out in “The Little Prince”, to leave one’s home behind, is still present. When students come to college, they leave their family and sometimes also the family support behind. They have to find a new place for safety, and social life and have to deal with influences
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Typical questions from humans who try to discover themselves are “Who am I?”, “How I want to be?”, or “How do other see me?” Hermann Hesse emphasizes the difficult path of self-discovery in his book Demian when he states: “I wanted nothing try more as to live, which itself wanted live out of me. Why was that so difficult?”2 Humans modify and develop themselves, or influences like biology or environments cause modification and development. The identity of humans is flexible and can assimilate to the currently socialization. “Identification process is a concept from the child and adolescent psychology. Scholars and the literature use this term to describe a process in which humans in the appropriate age (try to) define themselves. “Character, attitudes, and aims in life are the main terms that the young concern themselves in this process.3
With the enrollment in college, teenagers go into a new world. (First year) students are confronted with new organizations, assignments, environments, and requirements. It is a big academic step that can cause challenges, but the new mental, social and cultural influences in college cause the biggest challenge for college-aged students: the challenge of self-discovery and identification.
This paper contains causes of challenges of college-aged students who go through the identification process. It highlights the family, mental, cultural and role life of teenagers and how it is affected and has to undergo multiple views.
A main cause

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