Essay on Causes of the Burma Road Riot

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In 1942 majority of the population endured oppressive economic, social, and political conditions. People were experiencing a lot of poverty. The Burma Road riot of 1942 was the last in the series of mots and strikes that occurred throughout The British and West Indies after 1934. It brought the distressed conditions of the black laboring class to the attention of British government. Cause and effect was ruled by the following factors namely racial tension, lack of education, and unfair wages.
New Providence was chosen to be the site of an Operational Training Unit under the joint efforts of the Imperial and the United States Government. An American Company, name the ‘Pleasantville Incorporated’ was given the contract to build two sites
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Black Children were not accepted in certain schools likes queen’s College and St. Andrews hence they were denied quality education. This was why many children left school without obtaining the basic skills of reading and writing. They were barred from all hotels some restaurants and movie houses. They were only allowed to enter some churches at the back doors, where they sat in the back rows. They were not hired at certain business places, especially those businesses on Bay Street. Blacks were always the last to be hired and the usually they only received menial jobs like gardening domestic services and farming. Blacks were fed up with this treatment and wanted changes to take place, and they showed their dissatisfaction through the riot.
Unfair wages and racial tension was not the only causes for this riot but a lack of education was also a major problem. The general level of education in 1942 was deplorable especially when compared to other British West Indian Islands such as Barbados and Jamaica. There was only one government high school but a child had to have good grades in order to be accepted. Teachers were mostly unqualified and poorly paid. Facilities left much to be desired and many children did not get the chance to go to school at all simply because they lived too far from schools, especially on some out Islands. The rioters wanted their children to have the same opportunities to a good education as the whites and when this demand has

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