Causes and Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome Essay

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Metabolic syndrome is described to be a cluster of metabolic risk factors that combines together to create a single individual health issue. The individual factors that combined to create this issue are insulin resistance, hypertension which is a form of high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, impaired glucose tolerance, the tendency to develop fat around the abdomen and an increased risk for clotting. The metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease are very close related. This syndrome is considered to be a risk factor for several cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes that arises due to insulin resistance and an abnormal function and pattern of body fat. Insulin resistance refers to the diminished ability of cells to …show more content…
Being healthy, eating healthy leads to not only a great looking body but a healthy one on the inside as well. Having good eating habits and eating right helps not becoming overweight or obese. If your don’t live and have a healthy eating and physically active lifestyle you could be harming your body and leading it in the metabolic syndrome risk factors.
Studies say the causes of Metabolic syndrome varies from a varieties of factors but the main issues starts with being things we as individuals can control such as obesity, being overweight, an inactive lifestyle, not eating right, healthy foods or over eating and insulin resistance. Some factors we aren’t able to control that can lead to this epidemic are becoming older, genetics such as your ethnicity and or family history which may play a role in causing the condition or growing. Growing, genetics, family history and aging is a part of life and we aren’t able to control but we can limit what we eat, increase physical active and lay off the sweet or anything leading excessive to weight gain to the body. Most people who have who have metabolic syndrome often have two other conditions as well which are excessing blooding and constant, low grade inflammation throughout the body. Researchers don't know whether these conditions cause metabolic syndrome or worsen it. Studies show that Researchers continue to study conditions that may play a role in metabolic syndrome, such as a fatty liver which excess

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