Essay Causes and Solutions of Deforestation

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Halting the destruction of the rainforests has been identified by the World Wildlife Organisation as one of the most urgent and yet cost effective ways to keep the world out of danger from runaway climate change. They also report forest loss contributes to over 20 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. It is the trees that absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, therefore at the very least the more we protect the rainforests the less contribution to global warming. xxxxx has stated "Despite conservation efforts, global deforestation continues at an alarming rate - 13 million hectares a year, or 36 football fields a minute" (xxxxxxxx) Protecting these forests from further destruction and finding solutions is …show more content…
The failure of markets to maintain equilibrium between non-priced benefits and costs versus the valued ones may be a critical source of forest decline, in so far as they shape the behaviour of private agents. In light of this if they do not have to take account of depleting the forests, it may be difficult to persuade the private sector to balance the negative effects of climate change against their upcoming projected returns. Another high priority problem in the struggle against the environmental impacts of deforestation, is the mis-management of the land by private landowners and local communities. (text ? xxxx) As logging has made access to the forests easier over time as roads are built to transport the produce for shipping the land has become inhabited by local communities using it for agricultural purposes either to feed themselves or to grow and sell on produce. They clear the land by burning the trees which degrades the land causing further damage. Burning releases carbon into the atmosphere and deforestation means there are less trees to absorb this carbon all adding to the environmental crisis. (Text 4.5 Market Failures). When the forest landowner is not compensated for the full value of the benefits to society provided by forests, the result is less land maintained under forest cover. In the report ' The Underlying Causes of Forest Decline',they show that if the landowners are not compensated for, nor do they have any financial

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