Essay on Cause and Effects of Smoking

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The cacophonous side effects obtained from smoking cigarettes decreases the life span of the people who smoke cigarettes. On the one hand, smoking cigarettes contains bewildering chemicals strong enough to annihilate one’s level of stress; however, the echelon of mind blowing toxins supplementary to the average cigarette provokes cancerous cells inside the smoker’s body. Smoking cigarettes can bring an abundant amount of cause and effects to a smoker and deteriorates the run-of-the-mill smoker’s immune system. Peer pressure transfuses one of the main causes that can influence a person to pick up smoking. “Peer pressure obtains the single biggest reason that most teenagers jump into the obnoxious habit of smoking (Buzzle, 2011).” …show more content…
A large portion of people chose to start smoking, came from a smoke filled environment where their parents were smokers. “Growing up in a house hold where parents smoke can make a person more prone to start smoking (Buzzle, 2011).” My parents smoked frequently, which helped me decided to inhale the harmful chemicals that come from smoking at an extremely early age. “A recent study has shown that twelve-year-olds whose parents smoked were more than two times more likable to begin smoking cigarettes on a daily basis between the ages of 13 and 21 than were children whose parents didn't use tobacco (Admin, 2005).” Letting your children see you smoke will only lead to negative factors in the future. Parents unfortunately tend to forget that smoking around their children may physically invite them to pick up the nasty habit of smoking, but also affects the children in numerous ways. One of the most major known effects of smoking insures the possibility of receiving cancerous cells into your lungs. “A lifetime smoker develops a range of potentially lethal diseases, including: cancer of the lung, mouth, nose, voice box, tongue, nasal sinus, esophagus, throat, pancreas, bone marrow (myeloid leukemia), kidney, cervix, ureter, liver, bladder and stomach (State, 2011).” Someone who already possesses cancerous cells in their body will inform you about how smoking did not appeal to the relief they received from smoking. “People that choose to

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