Cause and Effect of the Fitness Movement Essay

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Cause and Effect of the Fitness Movement

In our ever-changing society, the one common thread that now every American seems to possess is a desire to have a body that is not hour-glass (1950’s) nor waifish (1990’s), but one that is lean, trim, and can physically go the “extra mile”. I speculate that the all-around athletic look is so popular because it is probably one of the hardest body types to achieve. In earlier times, hour-glass figures were the product of genetics and corsets, and the emaciated Kate Moss look could simply be achieved by starvation. To be physically fit inside and out is something that every person can control and achieve, but only through strong self-discipline. “The $52.9 billion fitness industry is
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One of these trendy workouts that have become extremely popular among the masses is Spinning. One reason for the popularity of spinning, according to instructor McAteer is because it allows “individuals to go at their own pace, so triathletes can (and do) share classes with lawyers and lobbyists. Classes mix serious bike racers with heart patients in their fifties and sixties” (5). As this new class of fitness people emerge, one problem that is common among them is that they are limited what work-outs they can do depending on and individual’s coordination and injuries. In this sense, spinning is user-friendly and it accomodates most anybody. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike and “the no-impact nature is increasingly welcome for baby boomers” (3). Another aspect of spinning is that it is designed for people who want results in the quickest way--simply speaking, basically everybody. Spinning instructor Sarah Krupps reasoning for why she likes it is “it burns between 500 and 800 calories in an hour. Simply put, it is like cramming a grueling three-hour “Tour de France” ride into a 45 minute encounter with hill climbing, puddle jumping and pedaling like mad to escape snapping dogs” (2). The final beauty of this exercise phenomenon is that it allows novice cyclers to turn down the resistance without others noticing, so that they don’t stand out as they

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