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Catcher in the Rye
     J.D Salinger’s novel “Catcher in the Rye,” focuses mainly on Holden Caulfield because he is the narrator and the novel is about his memory of characters and events throughout the story. These characters are more than just remembrances but actually help the reader to better understand Holden. Mr. Antolini, Phoebe, and Jane Gallagher are all characters that help fully characterize Holden.
     Mr. Antolini helps the reader better understand Holden’s hasty judgments about characters in the novel. He is one of the few people in the novel who Holden respects and does not consider a “phony.” Holden respects Mr. Antolini because he understands him and does not treat him
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Phoebe knows that Holden is stubborn about maturing and growing up and she views him as a troubled person and that is why she tries to help him towards the end of the novel. An example of when Phoebe helps the reader understand that Holden is stubborn about growing up is when she says, “Stop swearing. All right, name something else. Name something that you’d like to be.”(172) In this passage Phoebe is acting more like an adult and trying to get Holden to realize that he needs to think about his future. Throughout the book Holden has shown evidence that he is immature by not caring about school and his future, after Phoebe asks, “Name something you’d like to be,” and Holden responds by ultimately saying, “I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all.” This shows that he is truly has no real concern about growing up and having a future. Another example of how Phoebe gives evidence through her character of Holden’s rejection to growing up and maturing is at the end when she wants to run away with Holden. She does not want to run away with Holden so he can take care of her but so she can take care of him. She does this because she understands Holden is a distressed young man. Phoebe’s character helps the reader see that Holden rejects growing up and maturing into a young man.
     Jane Gallagher is a character in the novel that helps the reader

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