Casinos Impacts Australia Essay

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In the 1970s to 1990s, the number of casinos in Australia has been increasing which has helped the Australian economy. This is because the casino industry is one of the industries that are highly taxed as well as a popular tourist destination in Australia. The casino industry can increase the employment rate when it requires additional infrastructure and public services. Casinos have a positive economic contribution as it attracts a large number of tourists to travel to Australia for the purpose of gambling. On the other hand, casinos do have negative social impacts as studies have shown the casino industry can cause a variety of problems such as health and family problems. Australia has restricted the number of casinos to be developed as …show more content…
During 2007 to 2008, the number of international visitors visiting casinos has increased by approximately three thousand visitors. The Casinos and the Australian Economy (2009) has concluded that these international visitors would have spent $4.9 billion in total, or an average of $4940 per tourist on gambling. The average tourists who travel for the purpose of gambling would have spent approximately $2310 more than the average international tourists who are non-gamblers (Casinos and the Australian Economy 2009). It is evident that tourists have a significant impact on casinos’ earnings (Eadington 2000). Therefore, casinos as tourist destination have helped the Australian economy by attracting more tourists to Australia.
Casinos have a major economic impact as it contributed $2.3 billion to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Casinos contribution to the GDP would be equivalent for Australia to hold four and a half Commonwealth Games each year. According to the 2004 to 2005 Australian Economy report, it showed the GDP has received $6.9 billion from casinos either directly or indirectly. Since the casino industry’s sale produces $9.4 billion, casinos are capable of employing 45, 000 full and part time jobs to run the various types of facilities in the casino industry (Ernst & Young 2006). The types of facilities in the casino industry includes: over 3350 conferences with 592 567 conference delegates, 13,499 gaming machines and tables, 3843 hotel room and

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