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This report provides a brief analysis of the implications for Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC) to expand the products from its existing product, Mountain Man Lager to a new Light beer.

Marketing reasons of MMBC’s success

MMBC is an old middle-size brewing company in the West Virginia which was established in 1925. The marketing reasons why MMBC successful are based on the 4Ps as below :

The company focused on one product only which is a bitter-tasting flavour beer with above average alcohol content, i.e. the Mountain Man Lager.

The price of MM Lager was similar to other premium brands and lower than specialty brands.

As most of their core consumers purchased 60% of the beer from the
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MMBC won some awards in 2005, i.e. it won the “Best Beer in West Virginia” for the 8th year in a row; and won “America’s Championship Lager” at the American Beer Championship. Segmentation of MMBC’s market

The segment of two alcohol drinks, premium beer and light beer in MMBC’s market are:

The Premium Beer – Mountain Man Lager
A bitter-tasting flavor beer with above average alcohol content which target customers are the hard working blue-collars, middle-to-lower income men over age 45.

The blue-collars prefer the bitter flavor and higher alcohol content beer due to the heavy drinking preference; they feel that the taste of the standard alcohol content beer was not strong enough.

MM Lager was recognized as “toughness” and “strong working man” beer image in the market, customers feel they are a tough and strong working man when they drink it. Drinking in the workplace was a normal culture of blue-collar, they served to improve the social relationships and reduce dissatisfaction.

The Light Beer – Mountain Man Light
The lower than average alcohol content of beer, it designed to meet the preferences of the younger drinkers in the range of age 21-27 and the female.

Young people and the female who really don’t like the bit taste of beer, so the lower alcohol content of the light beer is similar to a “tasteless” beer that are well-received by female drinkers and the younger drinkers. Wants

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