CASE STUDY: The SNOW Mountain Hotel Essay

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CASE STUDY: The SNOW Mountain Hotel

SNOW Mountain Resort: The Pride of SNOW Village

SNOW Village is located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, 75 miles from Vancouver. While forty years ago SNOW Village was virtually unknown, it is now a worldwide attraction drawing in more than 4 million visitors annually. SNOW Village owes this success to the major development of its ski resort, the SNOW Mountain Resort – which was transformed from a low capacity ski destination with minimal amenities into a top-end ski complex with an unrivalled reputation for luxury mountain vacations. Today, SNOW Mountain Resort is seen as the pride of SNOW Village and is home to approximately 8600 permanent residents, 115 accommodation businesses
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Linked to this goal is a recruitment strategy that emphasises attitude (enshrined in the slogan ‘we hire for attitude and train for skill’) and an attractive benefits programme.

Changes on the Horizon

As is the case for each unit within the SNOW Group, the SNOW Mountain Hotel had until recently a dedicated on-site HR team typically consisting of an HR manager and an HR coordinator to deal with paperwork and other HR administrators. In addition, a centralised team in the USA handled payroll and a limited amount of administration relating to recruitment, compensation and benefits. The parent organisation is now deciding whether to centralise its HR activities in a shared service centre. It is hoped that doing so will improve the overall quality of HR admin across the organisation while freeing up more time for in-house staff to focus on strategic work as part of a move towards the implementation of a new business partner model.

Differing Views on the Way Forward

Line managers would be expected to become more involved in day to day HR matters and take on many of the responsibilities previously carried out by the on-site HR managers. The HR department has expressed concerns about how this will be received by the line managers. Up to now their attitude towards taking on more responsibility for HR work has been rather negative, as can be seen in the following remark:

I am wasting so much of my time dealing with staff issues and

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