Essay Caring For Patients With Dementia

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Caring for dementia involves a lot of patience and understanding. It should be dealt with audacity and flawlessness to ensure the vulnerable adults’ well-being. Aiding at home or care home required carers to be at their best, physically and emotionally. The responsibility can be distressing but it is rewarding as well since helping dementia adults in their day to day activities is a significant matter for them. However, carers need a pause as over duty can result to substandard nursing. The big question is: who take care for the carers of people with dementia?
There is a 5 million estimate of the carers in the UK and figures are foreseen to upscale for the next 40 years to 9 million (O’ Dowd, 2007). With this high number of carers, for
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The most common indicators of people who suffer dementia are memory loss, deteriorating communication skills and ineffective handling of normal daily activities (Personal Social Services Research Unit, 2007). Dementia is not exclusively affecting elderly people, but they are regarded as the most affected population. Based on the report of Personal Social Services Research Unit (2007),”one in five people over 80 have a form of dementia and one in 20 people over 65 have a form of dementia”. Dementia has different type, but each type is unique to every individual. The most common type is Alzheimer’s disease which causes changes in the brain structure. Another type is vascular dementia which inhibits the supply of oxygen in the brain that occurs after suffering a stroke or small vessel disease. The fronto-temporal dementia is regarded as a rare form and affects mostly who are under age of 65. The symptom during early stage is more on the degeneration of personality behavior while memory remains normal. Dementia with Lewy bodies has the same symptoms with Parkinson’s disease like tremors (Personal Social Services Research Unit, 2007).

According to the data from Department of Health (2010), dementia currently affects more than 570,000 people in England. With this high rating of people who are affected with dementia, it is an utmost requisite to also increase the numbers of carers as well. This would further amplify the problem of carers with regards to

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