Career Management/Development Essay

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The essay briefly aims to explore the meaning of career Management/Development and its importance for both individual and organisations, and then it will evaluate the relevance of career management/development as an integral part of HR activities from the mutual perspectives of the organisation and individual employees. This essay will also explore the barriers to achieving career management/development practice in organisations and how these barriers could be overcome. Finally the essay will highlight the career management practices of King Specialist Faisal Hospital and Research Centre (public sector), which will lead to the conclusion.

What is career in an era of globalisations?
Career is the total sequence of
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Therefore organisations are considering new strategies to manage their human resources needs, such as delayering, re-engineering, downsizing, rightsizing, flattering, restructuring and re-shaping. According to Baruch (2001, p. 543), many of these changes are concerned with making the organisation lean and mean. People have to leave their organisation, not because of poor performance, but due to the need of organisations to stay competitive and flexible. Rationalising, delayering, re-engineering, downsizing, rightsizing, flattening, restructuring or shaping up for the future, are just a few of the phrases in use to indicate redundancy.
In recognition of the fast changes in the nature of jobs as a result of the changing nature of the business market, Herriot (1992, p. 4), believed that organisations have to develop their people so that they are flexible enough to meet new challenges and fill new jobs. Employee flexibility for horizontal career moves is one of the characteristics of the new careers. The traditional employment contract between employees and their employers seems to have altered. Careers are no longer thought to evolve within one or two firms and to progress through linear stages (Leung 2004, p165). In contemporary concepts, Leung (2004, p. 165) proposed that individuals’ career management places emphasis on the continuous adaptation of the organisation and careers to a

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