Capital Punishment in America Essay

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Prior to the nineteenth century, if a criminal was convicted of an offense that was deemed punishable by death, the execution was held publicly in hopes to deter other citizens from committing crimes. Today executions are announced to the public but not viewed. The research provided in this document will show evidence to suggest whether capital punishment is or should be used as a method of preventing or lowering homicide rates in the United States. Do states with a death penalty have lower homicide rates? The state of Texas has executed 510 people from 1982-2014 out of more than 1,300 executions nationwide since 1977. In 2013 sixteen executions were carried out which was a slight increase the fifteen executions that took …show more content…
In 1995 Texas passed a law expediting state appeals which tremendously cut down the time between conviction and execution. Since that law was passed Texas homicide by firearm rates has decreased by forty two percent between the years of 1996 and 2010 according to the CDC tally. Do states that abolish capital punishment have an increase in homicide rates? December 13, 2007 New Jersey became the first state to abolish the death penalty since it was reinstated by the supreme court in 1976. Since then the number of homicides in New Jersey has declined twenty four percent in the first six months of 2009 compared to the same time period of 2008 the year after the state abolished the death penalty making the first time since 1999 that New Jersey has seen a drop in murders for two consecutive years. New Jersey murders dropped eleven percent in 2007 which was the year following a state imposed moratorium on executions which was instituted in 2006. The research listed suggests that states that impose the death penalty at an average pace and an accelerated pace have higher homicide rates than those that do not. States that oppose capital punishment have lower crime rates. My personal belief is that capital punishment is not a decision that should be left to humans. Our judicial system is composed of laws written and upheld by humans and lawmakers which are humans. History has shown us that to be human is to be with fault. Whether it be

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