Capital Punishment: A Probel Beyond Repair Essay

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Strapped on to a large chair, electrical conductors positioned all around my head and wrists, I am seconds away from the end of my life. I am petrified, roar of the jury surrounding me as they witness me fall to my doom. It is unfair for me to die like this, even as a criminal. This is a cruel and inhumane system of punishment, and I am defenceless to prevent my wretched faith. As the man pulls down the switch, waves of electrical currents enter my body, my body squirming endlessly with treacherous pain. The waves suddenly stop as the switch is pulled back. My head falls forward, my chin tilting towards my chest. As I plunge to my death at the hands of the government as the words of Desmond Tutu echo through my head, "To take a life when a …show more content…
Common problems such as fixtures to roads and the cleaning of the area are paid for by the government. Why not have the criminals like me do these jobs for free? Rather than punishing me through losing my life for my wrongful behaviour, one can utilize my services in the form of community service to fix these issues. For instance, I can pick up the litter found in local parks, thus making our environment much cleaner than before. Another great advantage to this method is that it does not cost tax payers or the government a penny. It is merely a procedure in which I am punished for my actions. These wrongful actions that criminals like me commit are caused by a number of factors. Some are depressed, some are in poverty and these crimes seemed like the best course to take at that time. Why exonerate me when the government could have helped me with my problems. Pat Brown a former governor of California agrees with helping the criminal when he says, "The most glaring weakness is that no matter how efficient and fair the DP [death penalty] may seem in theory, in actual practice it is primarily inflicted upon the weak, the poor, the ignorant and minorities." ( 26 February 2011). I had committed the crime due to a low level of life and those who are not enjoying the same level of life as all others must be guided towards a better path. The government

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